A to Z on How to Take Care of the Roses


• Water the plant once per day, keep the soil moist, not too wet, wet soil will affect the growth of roots.

• Touch the soil with a finger, if it's slightly dried, water a little bit. If the soil is dry and grainy, water through ( water until water drops out from the bottom of the pot)

• Best condition is the plant weight around 500-600g after watering

*The key is to keep the soil moist, wet soil will affect the growth of roots*


⋅ Direct sunlight ( can be partially shaded )

⋅ Keep the Plant indoor if it's rainy

⋅ Keep it under shade during 1-3 pm

Trimming ✂️

⋅ Always Trim off a wilted leaf

⋅ Trim off the flower when the flower wilted to keep the flowers blooming better next time


⋅ Suggest to wait 1-2 weeks, let the roots get used to lowland only then repot

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